One of the more serious developments threatening our democracy is the deterioration of public discourse. We are loosing the ability to converse when the words have no meaning  and when we are confused by the different interpretations of the truths. Both have a debilitating effect on the healthey functioning of our democracy.
"If the dead could speak, gun control would have a lot more votes."
"Energy conservation is an alternate energy source"
"Is it a healthy economic system that promotes the illusion of creation of wealth - just by rearranging it?"
"In Claus Windelev's insightful new work of what might be termed "pop philosophy", topics from steroid-abusing athletes to insider trading are explored with a rare mix of judgement and empathy that is the mark of a truly talented critical thinker. Windelev is unafraid of offending the elite, and his occasional vacillations are not the result of all-too-common handholding or weak arguments; rather they are illustrative of his deep desire to grasp issues in their entirety. More than anything, Windelev's courageous analysis leaves no room for procrastination, rather, it is a clarion call for immediate action."

New York Times review by best selling author, Ellen Tanner Marsh
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