"COMMON SENSE - for humans
Claus Windelev in this new book is painting a vivid picture of the challenges facing the voters this coming November. He is talking about the institutionalized inequality in the U.S. which has taken on epic proportions, the power of money in politics, the lack of proper decorum in public discourse, how the low salaries are fueling the company’s bottom line while the costs are passed on to the tax payers and how governing has become “an endangered art”. Where are the politicians with convictions and the guts to stand by them? These men of principles are all the more required in today's fast moving climate of technology changes, environmental challenges, human displacements and ethical issues – all coming at you almost at the speed of light. This is a must read book for all who are interested in the well-being of this Nation.

“COMMON SENSE, for humans” from www.amazon.com (Read it – it’s common sense!) 

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